A bit about John

I do not believe in doing just one thing. I’m a photographer, and a technologist.


As a photographer I primarily focus on creating memorable and dramatic images, that take the viewer out of the now of where they are, and into the world and time of the image created. I try to create a sense of awe and wonder with my photographs, to allow viewers to hopefully experience my vision for an image. My work is sometimes made in far away places during my travels, other times, made just around the corner, in places that you might see every day, but never really observe. My work could be classified as fine art, travel and commercial photography.

My work is in private collections, sold through print sales and exhibition and available for licensing. I’m also available for private commercial commissions. I photograph a wide range of subjects – landscapes, environmental portraits, black and white, long exposures, travel and the random curiosities that are often hidden from plain sight.

I have worked with commercial and non-profit organisations, as well as individuals. Former clients include, among others, GQ MagazineTIME Magazine, The Gladstone Hotel, Idea Couture, and The League of Rock. My latest works will be most often featured on this website, and I contribute regularly to photography community sites 500px and flickr.

If you like my work and would be interested in a commissioned project, contact me.


I am a seasoned technology leader who guides technology teams and clients to implement innovative, business results focused, global digital marketing platforms. I help my clients choose the right technology platforms to meet their business objectives, and guide technology teams in software development processes. Look me up on LinkedIn if you wish to contact me.

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Gear and Software

I primarily shoot with Canon and FujiFilm cameras and a selection of fine lenses. My iPhone also makes appearances. I make frequent use of Lee Filters Professional System, and ScanDisk memory cards.

I do all of my post processing on a Macbook Pro 15″ Retina, using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop CC. From time to time I also make use of VSCO Film, Google Nik Collection, Alien Skin Exposure, Topaz Labs, and others depending on the image and vision.

This Website

My intention for this website is to focus and show my photographic work. I post new images on the blog, as I create and publish them, but not very often. Selections of my work can be seen in the Portfolio. And some of my personal projects are also available for viewing.

Other online projects and collections

The Fuji X Files – a collection of my photographs taken with FujiFilm X Series cameras, and other bits about shooting with these amazing little cameras.

VSCO Grid – a collection of photographs taken exclusively with my iphone and processed with VSCO CAM that I post to occasionally.

Flickr – The original place where I first started to share my photos. I post identical content there, as I do here, as well as some other types of work that does not fit anywhere else.

500px – I publish to 500px pretty much the same material you see on this site.