A Cinematic Journey through Morocco: The High Atlas Passage

The road seen in this photo, is the the only passage in and out of the High Atlas mountain range. This was taken on the way to the desert, at a look out point. As I mentioned previously, the temperature and climate here is completely different from coast, and from the desert. It frankly was very cold just being out of the car.

I’ve been getting questions about how these series of images have been processed. The answer is pretty simple. Initial Lightroom adjustments, followed by VSCO Film 4 presets applied, followed by cropping. Then Photoshop, where I found an interesting look using Nik Analog filters, applied as a new layer. I then adjust the visibility of the layer, and hide/reveal with a soft brush on a masked layer. I then also apply masked curve layers as needed to darken/brighten where I see the need. The “cinematic” bars are also added in Photoshop by increasing the canvas’s height by 35%.  Then back into Lightroom for output sharpening and upload.