Fontana di Trevi (Trevi Fountain)

It’s impossible to go to Rome and not make this photograph.  The Trevi fountain is one of the most well known “attractions” in Rome with good reason. It’s a beautiful fountain that has been here for hundreds of years (although not all of those years it in its current shape).

It was pretty difficult to get a “good shot” with the short amount of time we had here, plus the hundreds of other visitors all trying to get the same spots. But I managed to elbow my way in to the middle and snapped a few out.

I’m not entirely happy with this, but I have to post it since it is so iconic. I decided to also leave it as is for the most part, and did not fix the wide angle distortion as I originally thought of doing, as I ended up liking the effect.

If you are ever in Rome, this is a must visit. Oh and you may want to practice your coin toss move. It’s a lot harder then you think 🙂