Man walks in a Marrakech Souk

Marrakech has an insanely fast pace. Things happen in seconds, and it is difficult as a photographer to keep up with what is happening around you. Initially attracted to the light coming into the gate of the souk, I decided to turn around and just take a quick shot when out of the shadows the man in the frame walks in. Good luck I guess 🙂 It was a quick shot however, a camera in the souks isn’t exactly a welcomed thing.

Editing wise, Lightroom 5 and as some of you know, I’m a fan of VSCO Film. I find myself more and more using the presets as a starting point for images, and this was the case here. The starting point for this one, in case you are wondering was “C- Fuji Superia 100++” from VSCO Film 2.

Still working through my edits, but interesting that they seem to be taking a turn into the cinematic… more to come.