Manhattan from the Top of The Rock

Taken in mid December, just before Christmas from the Top of the Rock with my FujiFilm X-Pro1 and the 23mm. Many people go to the Empire State Building, to take on the sights of Manhattan, but here’s the thing. The view is mostly obstructed with heavy bars, and you need to stick your camera out through the bars to get any kind of good shot. Of course it is the Empire State Building, and it must be seen at least once.

But, if you want great shots of Manhattan, the Top of the Rock at the Rockefeller Centre is where you need to go. There are two levels in the observation deck, and the second level, has no obstructions. You also have two compelling vistas, south towards the Empire State Building, and north, towards Central Park.

The X-Pro1 was a great companion during this trip. I was able to do take in the city without worrying about carry heavy equipment. I took only one lens, the amazing X23mmF1.4, and while I shot in RAW, I was seeing the world through a customised black and white picture style, which again, is one of the really nice things about the X-Series system. You get to see, what your image will look like. And I have to tell you, it is quite something to have.

To process it, I used my own Lightroom preset based of a VSCO Film Tri-X preset, that approximated what I saw in the X-Pro1 viewfinder and applied it right at import time, resulting in a completely black and white workflow.

Speaking of FujiFilm, I’ve started a small side project called the Fuji X Files over on Tumblr. Mostly I am posting only images I have taken using my Fuji cameras, but will probably expand it to include some articles and links around the Fuji X System world. Be sure to follow if you are curious.