Paris, The Eiffel Tower (Tour Eiffel) I

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The Eiffel Tower in Paris. I’m sure there are thousands upon thousands of photographs of this world iconic landmark, so why add one more? What else can be seen that hasn’t already been seen? Well, this one is mine and I think that is as good of a reason as any to make a photograph of this amazing landmark. Photographs actually don’t do it justice. It’s not until you see it in person that you come to really appreciate it.

I actually have 3 more photographs made on the same evening as this one, that I will likely be posting. I do think that it may be 3 too many, but it could be interesting to show the differences in composition and post processing of each one, as they were all processed at different times.

This photograph was made during my last trip to Paris back in April of this year. We were aiming to be here before sunset, but since we had decided to walk, it actually took us quite a lot longer to get here then we thought. So here’s a tip, Paris is kinda huge for an European city. While walking in Paris is a pleasure and something not to be missed, it may not be the best way to get around if you need to be somewhere at at particular time 🙂  So, this was taken just after sunset during the start of “blue hour” which turned out to be a perfect time to make photographs (as usual). It is a combination of two exposures, manually blended in photoshop. I did so, to increase the detail and drama of the incoming clouds. It did end up raining very hard about an hour or so after this was taken. Other than that, just some curves for contrast, and to warm up the image a bit.

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