Paris, The Eiffel Tower (Tour Eiffel) II

After yesterday’s more traditional photograph of Miss Eiffel, this one approaches a less seen angle. With this one, I tried to emphasize what it is like to be under it as you walk from one side to the other. It is impressive to see all of those tiny looking steel beams that were used to construct it, and how they give it strength and elegance at the same time.

This one was taken 10 minutes or so from yesterday’s shot. Deeper into blue hour, the clouds and sky were a very deep blue. I actually desaturated this one a bit as it almost looked fake in the original shot. This is a single shot, unlike yesterday which was a combination of 2 exposures. I was right under the left most column, with my camera tilted pretty high in order to get this angle.

Hope you enjoy it, and come back tomorrow as I have a bit of news to share 🙂