Ponte dell’Accademia, Grand Canal, Venice

While not a Carnival photo, the view of the Grand Canal in Venice from the Ponte dell’Accademia in the late afternoon sun was exquisit.

We had just wondered though most of the city by this time, and were headed across the Ponte and into the Accademia, but instead we ended up getting quite lost. But that’s not a bad thing in Venice. We ended up in an area of the city that appeared to be where local Venetians live, which was pretty interesting on its own, with squares, small market stalls, cafes and restaurants with reasonable prices. Very charming. Sandy ended up going there again later in the week.

As for the image, i cropped it to 16×9 as the foreground was a bit busy, and the rest was just some toning, and some selective curves to adjust the light/warm areas with the areas in shadow. Let me know what you think.