Project 52: Week 6

Week 6 was down to the wire. A busy week, led to having me concept, shoot and process this in just a few hours today. Need to make sure I at least give myself more time for the concept this week.

If you are lucky enough to have one of these contraptions in your home, then you will recognise the expression that I am making here.

I used 2 flashes here. One inside of the oven at 1/4 power @24mm, with a full cut of CTO gel, and another behind me with 1/2 cut of CTB at 1/4 power @50mm pointed towards the back of the head, but about 7 feet high, and sightly angled towards camera right. Processed slightly in Lightroom (really, very little) and a little bit of post in Photoshop to darken a few areas and add a bit of toning. In all, not too far away from what came out of the camera, which is kinda cool.