There are over 20,000 images in my Lightroom catalogue. An overwhelming majority of them, are simply bad photos. Mistakes. Bad compositions. The wrong time of the day. Out of focus. And then there are the photographs that work. Those are few and far between, but I like to think that it takes a lot of bad photographs until you get a good one. I believe it is the same idea as practice makes perfect. You need to make mistakes in order to learn and grow. It is partly because of that notion, that I don’t really delete images from my catalogue. But it is also because there are times when you re-visit your catalogue, and find something that at the start did not have much apparent potential, but after a second, third, fourth look, it does.

Such is the case with this image for example. Taken over 2 years ago, the interesting part about it was always the light. As with any photograph the light, and the quality of the light, is often the biggest determining factor of a successful image. Cropping it to 16×9 and subtly processing it in Photohop, made this work at this particular point in time. Time will also tell if this image is successful or not, but for me the success part is if I’m happy with it. The rest is gravy 🙂