Scheveningen Sunset #4


The last image from my series on Scheveningen. Taken during the same time as the previous images. My original intent was to make this a black and white image, however once I started to process it, it went a completely different way. I am glad however how this has turned out.

It’s a 60 second exposure taken with my trusty B+W 10 stop neutral density filter. The original exposure was a bit under exposed by about a stop which in long exposure terms means it should have been 120 seconds. However, I would have lost detail in the highlights if the exposure was that long. Emphasizing the under exposure also in post, had the effect of minimizing (or hiding) the image noise. Unfortunately the Canon 7D doesn’t make for a good long exposure camera if you fail to nail the exposure. It’s much less forgiving than the 5D Mark II for example. I also find it far noisier in general even in long exposures that have the exposure nailed.

As for processing, RAW conversion in Lightroom 4, where all i did was bring up the overall exposure, and adjust the white balance to shade, and than further tweaked it manually to get more orange out of it. Once in photoshop, a little bit of the skew tool to adjust the wide angle distortion, followed by a curves layer for saturation and for the overall effect. I then added a selective colour adjustment layer, where I brought up the blues in the blacks, added a bit more yellow to the whites, and added a bit more magenta and red in the mids. That was it.

Let me know what you think.