Project 52: Week 6

Week 6 was down to the wire. A busy week, led to having me concept, shoot and process this in just a few hours today. Need to make sure I at least give myself more time for the concept this week. If you are lucky enough to have one of …

Project 52: Week 5

Week 5 brings, what is hopefully an interesting composition/composite 🙂 One day left to get week 6 in and no photo made yet… see below for the original takes of this composite.

Project 52: Week 4

Very late posting this week, but posted none the less. AND taken in the right period, which is what counts isn’t it? 🙂 And ya, I simply stuck the camera with my wide angle lens attached in the fridge and set the timer.

Project 52: Week 3

A little late posting, but officially taken during week 3 of this project. Week 3 was interesting, as I felt it would test my resolve to continue this project. Yes that early… I was traveling, and wasn’t sure when and if I would be able to pull something out that …

Project 52: Week 2

This was a fun one. Shot early in the week as we are in Los Angeles this week. The idea came to me early in this process and I’m glad I was able to stick fairly close to the original concept. It was awesome trying to fit a tripod, umbrella …

Project 52: Week 1

So I’ve decided to start a 52 week self portrait project. I plan on posting one new self-portrait every Sunday, this is the first. Hope you don’t get sick of looking at my face 🙂 Taken at the last minute this evening, in a foggy Vondel Park.

Reflection on Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

A few weeks ago, we took a quick weekend trip to Copenhagen. We were blessed with miserable weather, but that didn’t deter us from seeing as much as we could. One key stop was Tivoli Gardens, the first ever amusement park. It was interesting, as it is small by today’s …