Project 52: Week 6

Week 6 was down to the wire. A busy week, led to having me concept, shoot and process this in just a few hours today. Need to make sure I at least give myself more time for the concept this week. If you are lucky enough to have one of …

Project 52: Week 5

Week 5 brings, what is hopefully an interesting composition/composite 🙂 One day left to get week 6 in and no photo made yet… see below for the original takes of this composite.

Project 52: Week 4

Very late posting this week, but posted none the less. AND taken in the right period, which is what counts isn’t it? 🙂 And ya, I simply stuck the camera with my wide angle lens attached in the fridge and set the timer.

Project 52: Week 3

A little late posting, but officially taken during week 3 of this project. Week 3 was interesting, as I felt it would test my resolve to continue this project. Yes that early… I was traveling, and wasn’t sure when and if I would be able to pull something out that …

Project 52: Week 2

This was a fun one. Shot early in the week as we are in Los Angeles this week. The idea came to me early in this process and I’m glad I was able to stick fairly close to the original concept. It was awesome trying to fit a tripod, umbrella …

Project 52: Week 1

So I’ve decided to start a 52 week self portrait project. I plan on posting one new self-portrait every Sunday, this is the first. Hope you don’t get sick of looking at my face 🙂 Taken at the last minute this evening, in a foggy Vondel Park.