The 25th of April Bridge, Lisbon, Portugal

The 25th of April Bridge in Lisbon Portugal, connects the city of Lisbon with the municipal area on the other side of the Tejo river, named Almada. It is a suspension bridge in the style of its more famous sister, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It was actually built by the same company. It was built this way in part to cope with earthquake activity in this area. Earthquakes are perhaps something not associated with Lisbon, but in fact one of the largest ever earthquakes happend here in 1775, destroying the majority of the city.

Another interesting fact, is that this bridge up until 1974, used to be called the Salazar Bridge, which was the name of the dictator that ruled Portugal for about 40 years. His regime fell on April 25th 1974, and the bridge was then renamed to celebrate this date.

I made this photograph earlier this summer in a bit of a rush, just a little after sunset. It was a last minute dash to make any sort of photograph of this bridge, and although I am not entirely pleased with the shot itself for a number of reasons, I decided to process it and post it.

Hope you enjoy it.