The Gondola’s of Piazza San Marco

You can’t go to Venice and not make a photo of the Gondolas parked near Saint Marco’s square.

I had this photograph in my head before I arrived in Venice, and I’m glad with how it has turned out. These gondola’s are parked on the south side of the square, just outside of it, in a long row, one after the other (to the right and to the left in the photo above). For a different perspective, and taken at a different time of the day (early morning), see David’s photo of this area.

One of the best things about the Venice Carnival Photo Tour with David and Bobbi, were the critiques of our images at the end of a day of shooting. I’ve never had my work critiqued before, so I was nervous about it. As well, they were going to be critiques of photos without any processing! But only because I simply did not have time to do any. But regardless, I think not having done any processing was actually beneficial in hindsight. The critiques were very insightful, not only of my own work, but also from the other students. Each day after a critique, I would find myself thinking about what was said and I started to become much more acute to what i was doing while shooting, which I think is something that I’ll keep with me for a very long time to come.

As for the image, I shot this one using a Lee 0.9 hard grad, hand held. I was actually attempting to do some test shots to come back later and shoot this again, but didn’t really get a chance to repeat it (lesson learned there too..). Not a lot of processing in this one. Cropped to 16×9, contrast increased near around the bottom of the water, and that was about it. Thanks for David here as well for setting the processing on this one in the right direction.