The Pink Flamingos Artis, the Amsterdam Zoo

Something a little different this week. Weeks ago in a cold winter day, I had theĀ idea of making a long exposure of the flamingos at the Artis, the wonderful zoo in Amsterdam. I had hoped that most of them would be standing still and sleeping, and I got lucky, as they were. Long exposures of moving things are always a bit of a game of luck. I would say I got lucky this time šŸ™‚

Although not quite what I hoped for, I like how this one turned out as it is not the normal kind of long exposure you tend to see.

Processing wise, it was Lightroom -> Photoshop -> Silver Fx Pro -> Lightroom. Shot with the Lee Filters Big Stopper with a 180 second exposure. Hope you like it, and please share it if you do!

Thank you and see you again next Tuesday!