Toronto’s Gooderham Building

I took this photo back in 2012 during the winter season. I remember this morning being one of those typical Canadian winter mornings, where its so damn cold that your snot freezes, but man was it a beautiful morning. I had just finished having lunch at the George Street Dinner, when I saw this scene.

This is of course, an iconic scene in Toronto. Our very own “flat iron” building near the heart of the city. It’s a distinctive building, dating back from 1892. From Wikipedia:

The red-brick Gooderham Building is a historic landmark of Toronto, Ontario, Canada located at 49 Wellington Street East. On the eastern edge of the city’s Financial District (east of Yonge Street), it is in the St. Lawrence neighbourhood wedged between Front Street and Wellington Street, where they join up to form a triangular intersection. Completed in 1892, it was an early example of a prominent flatiron building.


The Gooderham Building is the focal point of one of Toronto’s most iconic vistas: looking west down Front Street towards the building’s prominent rounded corner, framed on the sides by the heritage commercial blocks along Front Street, and with the skyscrapers of the Financial District towering in the background. The CN Tower is also visible from certain angles behind Brookfield Place. This vista frequently appears in imagery of the city.

On the geeky photo side of things, this was shot with my now classic Fuji X100, and still today what you can do with this little camera, is still impressive. The dynamic range on this photo is stelar, and there is no photoshop, and no HDR processing. Just plain old Lightroom and a great original RAW file.