Venice Carnival 2012 #7


I could not help but stop and make a photograph of this person. The costume was incredible and she was very graceful. I spent a few minutes with her to get this shot which was taken on the very last day in Venice just before heading out to the airport. The weather was overcast, the first time in the entire week actually, so the flat light was great for this kind of photo.

There was a strange sense of respect between the photographer and the subject with almost all of the costumed performers during Carnival, and with this one in particular for me. After I got the shot, I showed it to her and she handed me her card, which appears to be a sign that they like what you did and would like a copy of that photograph, which I will be doing shortly.

In regards to processing, just curves and no cropping. There are actually a few curve layers in this photo. Mostly used to accentuate certain parts of the image, like her eyes, the mask, the black flowers and the feathers. Nothing crazy, just some minor contrast adjustments.

Hope you enjoy it, and let me know what you think.