Venice Carnival 2012 #9 : Behind the scenes

Not quite done with photos from the Venice Carnival of 2012, hope you aren’t bored yet 🙂 This photo was taken on the very early morning shoot we did at Saint Marco’s square on the last Saturday of the trip. As I mentioned previously, this was likely the very best opportunity to make photographs of all of the wonderful costumes that one can see in Venice during Carnival. With this photograph, I wanted to show a different perspective. All of the photographs you see tend to be the front of the costume, or variations on that approach, because let’s face it, that’s what is obviously interesting. However, walking around I noticed that no one was making photographs of the back of the costumes, again due to the obvious reasons.

I started to notice however that there was also a story to be told from this perspective. What do these revelers see when posing? What is going on behind the scenes, sort of speak, in their mind and in particular with their costumes? We heard stories of people coming from all over the world once a year to put on a costume and allow themselves to be photographed, this in my opinion and perhaps not totally reflected in this image, was fascinating to me.

Processing wise, not a lot to be said. Just some curves in photoshop to bring out the contrast, making the subject a bit brighter and a little bit of colour correction to emphasize the time of the day.

Now, one last thing. I just bought “the new iPad” and I want to use this post as a little test.

The image above, is a standard size of upload, 940 × 627 pixels at 72 dpi. However, the image below, is 2X the pixels at 264 dpi, but scaled in the browser to 940 x 627. It should show a lot more detail for those seeing this on the new iPad. Please let me know if you do see a nice difference in the quality of the photograph.


Photograph of a carnival costume in Venice from behind against the sun

And one more time, this time the same image as above but as a progressive JPEG.

Same photograph but in a progressive jpeg